About Us

Sunbond Coatings are Australian madetested and owned.

Sunbond Coatings produces a specialty range of extended durability Acrylic Roof Coatings, which have proven performance over many years in shielding roofs against the elements of Australia’s harsh climates.

We produce and supply all coatings to Roofshield and Rooftop trademarks which are well known household names, and Sunbond has now decided to open its doors to provide roof coatings to all Roof Restorers that want to be able to use our well known and trusted coatings.

History Of Sunbond

Sunbond was approached by Roofshield Head Office over 25 years ago largely due to the fact Roofshield could not get consistency from Roofing Coating Manufacturers.  Bob Gilmour formulated the design of our coatings to meet the demands required by the 35 Roofshield branches on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia. The requirement of Roofshield was to make a roof membrane which was quick drying, easy to apply and have long lasting qualities both of colour and quality.  Due to the large variance in climate the coating had to be made and specifically designed with both dirt and mould resilience.

Sunbond met this brief, and to this day still supplies Roofshield, several years later Sunbond met the same demands of Rooftop and its branches.

Sunbond has only manufactured Coatings exclusively for Roofshield and Rooftop.  Sunbond now has decided to supply the same coating and service to the open market place for all Roof Restorers to benefit from years knowledge in the industry.

Sunbond specialises in Roof Coating only.

Meet the Owners


With over 25 years Industry experience in both Queensland and New South Wales, Tony has a thorough knowledge of the Roof Restoration Industry and how to operate a successful Roof Restoration business and also works closely in the factory to ensure quality control.


Peter is an industrial paint chemist and is based in Sydney to allow personal service from our Minchinbury premises.  Peter keeps well informed of the chemical industry.


Jocelyn has work in the paint manufacturing industry for over 14 years, and has extensive knowledge in the production of coatings and oversees quality control to maintain the high standards of manufacturing coatings. With Jocelyn’s great eye for detail she can provide individual colour matching service.