Our Products

Sunbond only uses the best quality of materials to produce a product with proven reliability and colour fast properties.

Made at our manufacturing warehouse at 9/52 Aquarium Avenue, Hemmant QLD and using Rohm and Haas 1038 primal and Colortrend 875/873 Colorants by Evonik Industries, we know we are producing a quality product with proven reliability and colour fast.

Primers & Sealers

Sunbond offers a range of primers and sealers from cement tile primers and sealers to old tile sealers and gal iron primers.

Colour Coats

The 100% Acrylic high quality gloss Roof Membrane coating is a tough flexible finish that is an extended durability product.

Heat Reflective Coats

The high build heat reflective roof coating is specifically formulated to minimise roof temperatures by reflecting solar heat.

Terracotta Glaze

The clear acrylic membrane coating designed for unglazed Terracotta Roof Tiles.

About Rohm and Haas Acrylic:

Rohm and Haas manufactures acrylic resins at Geelong in Victoria, and is recognised by the Paint industry as the benchmark and market leader in water based acrylic technology.

The Rohm and Haas acrylic used in roof coatings is based on methyl methacrylate which is highly resistant to degradation by UV and solar radiation and is a major contributor to the outstanding performance of the roof coatings based on these resins. The patented Rohm and Haas additives used in these acrylics promote optimum adhesion and durability and resistance to weather.

About Colortrend Colorants:

Colourtrend 875/873 Colorants are high-strength, pourable colour pastes recommended for in plant tinting of emulsion and water-based coatings.  The products are of high-concentration aqueous dispersions containing a wide range of high quality CI pigments that many paint formulating professionals want to use.  Colourtrend 875/873 range contains synergistic combinations of wetting and dispersing agents which allow them to mix readily into a variety of aqueous media and form stable dispersions in ay ratio.