Primers & Sealers

Cement Tile Primer

Water based, methyl methacrylate, adhesion promoted acrylic primer for application to cleaned cement tiles as the first coat of the Cement Tile Restoration Coating system. Sunbond Cement  Tiler Primer is formulated to penetrate into the cleaned and prepared tile surface and seal and prepare the tile for the following colour coats of Sunbond Roof Membrane.

Sunbond Cement  Tiler Primer utilises powerful surface active agents and water miscible solvents to promote effective wetting and penetration into the cement tile surface to ensure long term adhesion of the entire coating system.

This primer also contains a strong fungicide / algaecide to kill and prevent growth of fungi spores which may be hidden deep within the tile surface.

Cement Tile Sealer

A specifically engineered acrylic sealer for application to prepared and cleaned cement tiles as a sealing and bonding coat for the Sunbond roof coating system.

Sunbond Cement Tile Sealer incorporates acrylic adhesion promoting polymers which penetrate and bond with the tile surface ensuring adhesion and durability of the Sunbond coating system

Sunbond Cement Tile Sealer is water based and does not contain noxious solvents.

Old Tile Sealer

Old tile sealer is designed for cement roof tiles that are over 30 years old.  At 30years plus cement tiles once cleaned will be back to bare cement with an extreme rough surface.  Old tile sealer is designed to provide maximum penetration and fill all cement tile grains to provide a more even surface for colour coats.

Gal Iron Primer

Sunbond Gal Iron Primer is a  water borne primer for galvanised iron, zinc-alume, and aluminum surfaces.

Sunbond Gal Iron Primer contains non-toxic anticorrosive pigment to control oxidation and “white rust” of galvanised iron and aluminum. The primer is acrylic based and is highly resistant to the alkaline reaction of galvanised iron.

The Primer is compatible with most finish coats and may be recoated with acrylic, vinyl, or oil based undercoats and enamel top coats.